Safe water is
a human right.

Yet 4 million people in
rural Guinea don't have it.

There's a simple solution.

The solution is right here, under their feet.

Let's bring it up to the surface.

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1/3 of
Guineans drink unsafe water.

Surface water is unsafe for drinking—and drinking surface water is causing a crisis for children. It's a root cause of malnutrition and stunting. It spreads malaria and Ebola. It's the main reason that Guinea has one of the highest mortality rates for children under 5.

contaminated water
truck trying to make its way over unfriendly terrain

Rural villages are hard to reach.

Drilling wells will solve the crisis, but Guinea's poor infrastructure keeps heavy machinery from reaching the villages that need water most.

UNICEF's manually operated auger solves the problem.


This unique tool can be used where roads and related infrastructure don't exist.

  • Simple
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable
  • Proven

This tool is easily portable — and can be used where roads and related infrastructure don't exist.

It's simple, cost-efficient, scalable and sustainable.

A Life-Changing Story

Better Health
Lower Infant Mortality
Better Education

Water for Guinea is proven to work

What can safe water deliver?

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Job Creation
Higher Household Income
Safety for Women and Girls
Gender Equity

Phase 1 built 123 wells


people given access to safe water

Phase 2 will build 220 more wells


more people will be reached, when funding goals are met


fully funds a manually drilled well that provides sustainable safe water for an entire village for generations


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