Safe water saves lives. It provides children a fair shot at a good life. It transforms entire communities. Yet, 36% of people living in Guinea don't have safe water in their homes, schools or even health clinics.

UNICEF has a proven, low-cost solution (on average, $12.55 per person) that is expanding access to safe water in rural communities. Water for Guinea's manually drilled wells have benefited tens of thousands of people in Guinea. And with the help of people who believe they can make a difference, we have the potential to reach many, many more.

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Meet the Founders

Andy Astrachan

After waking up on his 50th birthday knowing he wanted to focus on building sustainable access to safe water for people in Sub-Saharan Africa, he can say he has been instrumental to realizing this right for over 150,000 people and counting! Read further about his commitment to children in Guinea here.

Bob Ezrin

A dear friend of Andy's, Bob is a legendary music producer, educator and humanitarian. His career has spanned 5 decades and includes some of the most important and enduring music of the modern era. His philanthropic work is just as lasting. Bob's creativity and his enthusiasm for bettering the world make him an important member of the Water for Guinea family.

Wendy Serrino

As the Chair of UNICEF USA's Chicago board for several years, Wendy has devoted immense energy and care to helping the world's children. In this role, she has traveled around the world and supported projects focusing on empowering kids and saving lives. Her marketing background has been instrumental to spreading the word about Guinea; see the video she created for this project here.

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For more information, contact Missy Sirola at 212-922-2542 or msirola@unicefusa.org


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