A woman holds hands with a circle of children. They stand in front of a forest, next to very old and large trees A woman holds hands with a circle of children. They stand in front of a forest, next to very old and large trees

We won't stop
fighting for the
next generation

UNICEF Next Generation (NextGen) is a committed community of leaders between the ages of 21-45 who pledge their skills, time, networks and financial resources to support the world’s children.

Children get water from an outdoor dispenser. One of the children is wearing the blue UNICEF backpack.

Our Mission

NEXTGEN’S MISSION is to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders in support of UNICEF's global work – leveraging our potential for catalytic impact as philanthropists, activists, and advocates for every child.

NextGen member, Brian Buckmire, gives a presentation during community panel A NextGen member in a suit holds a microphone at a room presentation

Join NextGen

To enter the NextGen network, individuals make a base donation of $20 a month as a symbol of their commitment to UNICEF’s work, with many supporters choosing to scale up their monthly contribution or donate a lump sum based on a percentage of their annual income.

From there, NextGen donors amplify their impact by leading fundraising efforts, advocating for the protection of children's rights, applying to a NextGen Board, and engaging in learning opportunities to expand every child’s opportunity to reach their full potential.

Photo: NextGen member, Brian Buckmire, gives presentation during community panel.

How We Work

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Share UNICEF’s work and impact to diverse audiences to raise awareness for children’s rights and emergency contexts

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Join a cause conscious community, attend learning engagements with your peers, and serve as a vital bridge to corporations, startups, non-profits, or other entities working towards the Sustainable Development Goals

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Stay informed about the most pressing challenges and needs in the world today so that we are equipped to advocate and influence policies that impact children’s wellbeing

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Give and raise funds to expand UNICEF’s programs and reach, organize fundraising, participate in peer-to-peer activation and innovative financing models

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Lend leadership insights and industry experience to leverage funds, awareness, and policy changes in support of UNICEF’s lifesaving efforts

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NextGen's Impact

UNICEF NextGen's Impact

Since 2009, NextGen has used a number of innovative giving models to maximize their support for children everywhere. In the US alone, NextGen has collectively raised over $18 million in support of 20+ UNICEF projects around the world. The projects NextGen supports span the breath of UNICEF's focus areas—from nutrition to child protection to maternal and neonatal health and more.

View our past projects below, as well as in the NextGen 2020 Impact Report

A group of children gather around a water dispenser outside. One child is wearing a blue UNICEF backpack

Water for Guinea Project

Help the people of Guinea drill wells to deliver safe, clean water to hundreds of thousands of children.

A mother holds a baby whom she looks lovingly at

Dominican Republic

In 2019, NextGen began fundraising $100,000 for the Mothers and Babies in Good Care Initiative, to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality within the country.

A group of children in rural Madagascar smile at the camera


In late 2018, NextGen began fundraising over $272k for "Ending Violence Against Children" in Madagascar

A mother in a head scarf gazes at her child she is holding


In 2017, NextGen’s efforts raised $100,000 for a pilot program to empower Syrian refugee women in Jordan, while providing neonatal kits to new mothers living in refugee camps.

A group of young, professional NextGen members posing at an art gallery. A framed image behind them reads 'let's fall apart together'

Where We Work

Our five NextGen Leadership Boards are located in Atlanta, the Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Board members take their support to the next level and serve as committed donors, thought leaders and representatives of UNICEF USA. While the bulk of our NextGen activities take place in these five hubs, interested young professionals can take the NextGen pledge from anywhere, at any time. If you are interested in launching a board in your city, please reach out to nextgen@unicefusa.org. Find out what's going on in a city near you and learn more about what it takes to join a NextGen Board.

NextGen members visit the Rubavu District, Rwanda to learn how community health workers educate communities on Ebola prevention.

Become Part of the Next Generation

As a member, your monthly pledge will help UNICEF save and improve children's lives, but beyond your NextGen pledge, we'll help you grow as a champion for children within the humanitarian space. You'll have access to exclusive networking and learning opportunities with UNICEF, and will be among an inspiring group of leaders in their 20s and 30s who are united by their dedication to UNICEF and the world's children.

UNICEF NextGen Founder's Circle

In 2009, a group of thirty committed leaders came together to form UNICEF Next Generation. Since the original National NextGen Board was formed, new founders have helped us grow and launch additional boards in Atlanta, the Bay Area, Chicago and Los Angeles with plans to expand into more regional markets in the coming years. We thank all of our founders who established this powerful community, now guided by five distinct boards, across the USA and expanding NextGen across the globe! Your legacy will be felt for years to come.

Jenna Bush Hager, Founding Chair

Danielle Abraham

Elizabeth Barrow

Mia Baxter

Adam Berninger

Jessica E. Betts

Margaret W. Betts

Barbara Bush

Clementine T. Crawford

Nell Diamond

Arielle Diskin

Megan Ferguson

Brian Forde

Meredith R. Gitomer

Emily Griset

Gillian Hearst

Erich Holmsten

Gloria Holmsten

Louise Hooff

Kevin Houlihan

Jaime Jimenez

Geoffrey Johnston

Elise Jordan

John Kluge Jr.

Rebecca Kelly

Candice Kislack

Amy Koch

Anika Kreider

Denise C. Chyette Larsen

David Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren

Brian Lee

Benjamin Lurie

Elizabeth Marsh

Anna Matthews

Nathan Miller

Purvi Padia

Caroline J. Polisi

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