Shaping a Better World for Children

February 13, 2019

UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Board Chair Susan Boggio and her husband Dan are building a legacy of impact. Their aim: put the most vulnerable children first. 


Susan and Dan Boggio have long been esteemed philanthropists in the Houston community. Their giving nature – which Susan and Dan credit to a shared empathy for the vulnerable and less fortunate – has benefited local causes ranging from interfaith religious organizations to animal welfare.

Their focus turned international in 2003 with their considerable support of the Piyali Learning Center outside of Kolkata, India. The center educates more than 200 girls in a region where few previously had access to formal learning environments.

Susan’s leadership, vision, and dedication are an inspiration.

Recognizing the immense impact possible through international humanitarian investment, Susan and Dan found a natural partner in UNICEF USA. Shortly upon being introduced to our team in Houston in 2008, Susan volunteered to join the UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Board of Directors, and she was elected Board Chair in 2017.

“Susan’s leadership, vision, and dedication are an inspiration,” says UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Managing Director Nelson Bowman. “She is a wonderful resource for our community and a steadfast advocate for the world’s children.” 

UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Board Chair Susan Boggio and her husband Dan attend the 2017 UNICEF Gala in Houston, Texas.

Susan and Dan have supported an impressive array of UNICEF programs over the course of their partnership to date.

They have given millions of children hope for a brighter future through their support of education programs in Mozambique, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Liberia, Madagascar, and Nepal, including the Let Us Learn initiative.

Susan and Dan are working to keep children safe and healthy through investment in child protection initiatives like the End Trafficking Project and campaigns to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, such as malaria, AIDS, Ebola, and maternal and neonatal tetanus.  

They have stepped up when children are at their most desperate, supporting UNICEF’s responses to emergencies in Myanmar, Haiti, Pakistan, the Eastern and Southern Africa region, and Bangladesh.

Unrestricted giving is critical.

And perhaps of most importance to them, Susan and Dan have empowered UNICEF to respond where the need is greatest through significant unrestricted support.

“Unrestricted giving is critical,” says Susan. “It allows UNICEF to respond to emergencies immediately and to adapt quickly when new areas of need are identified. We also appreciate knowing that UNICEF can use unrestricted funds to support programs that Dan and I care deeply about, such as addressing child trafficking, helping children with disabilities, and extending learning opportunities to the most vulnerable.”

Their contributions have made a difference in the lives of so many children. And Susan and Dan are just getting started. 

UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Board Chair Susan Boggio with a Syrian refugee girl she met on a visit to Jordan in 2016.  

In November 2018, Susan traveled to Florence, Italy, to represent UNICEF USA at the second annual UNICEF International Council Symposium. There, she joined a select group of other significant UNICEF supporters from around the globe, UNICEF program experts, and UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore in identifying opportunities to advance the rights of children through their combined investment, influence, and expertise.

Upon her return, Susan and Dan launched the Susan and Dan Boggio Fund for UNICEF, a $1 million commitment that will address a range of areas that the Boggio’s recognized as priorities – child protection, education, ending trafficking and violence against girls, the Rohingya refugee crisis, and expansion of UNICEF Kid Power in Houston. Of course, the Fund also includes a generous amount of unrestricted funding to offer UNICEF the flexibility that Susan and Dan value as essential in saving children’s lives.

“In partnering with UNICEF, we are confident that our investment will have a positive ripple effect for children for many years to come,” says Susan.

As they continue to build their legacy of generosity and positive impact, Susan and Dan Boggio are truly shaping a better world for children. 


Photo at top: UNICEF USA Southwest Regional Board Chair Susan Boggio participates in the UNICEF International Council Symposium in Florence, Italy. November 2018.