Guardian Circle

Every child needs a guardian, especially the most vulnerable children around the world. When you join the Guardian Circle community with a monthly gift, you can be a lifeline for children everywhere, helping them to survive and thrive.

Each month, your gift can provide:

$20 = warm blankets for 3 children
$30 = First aid kit for a field worker
$50 = Diapers and vaccines for a newborn baby

Join the Guardian Circle

Give monthly to save and protect the world’s most vulnerable children.


Meet some of our Guardians

Together we’re accomplishing great things for so many children. Take a look at the community we're building, and join them by making your first monthly gift:

"Every life is precious. Every child deserves a future." - B. Miller

"I simply want to share and to do whatever I can to make the world better." - A. Brown

"UNICEF is doing great work. I am proud to support you. I feel my dollar goes a long way with your organization. All the children and their families you help! They are in such need and now their lives are improved. Thank you for your dedicated efforts!" - D. McKee

Children count on UNICEF, and UNICEF counts on the Guardian Circle.

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If you have questions about the Guardian Circle, please reach out to Karla Coello, at